6 5 push pages not updating

In other words, one service provides valuable utility to users, but not to Facebook. There are differences in the core experiences of the desktop and mobile versions of Facebook — that’s okay! By removing that agency, Facebook erodes a trust it should be tending to carefully. Let us download Facebook Lite (where messaging still works, by the way)! Some of us have the phone equivalent of trash fires and don’t want to run that pair of hogs you call official apps.

It’s perfectly fine that posts look different, you interact with things differently and certain features are absent or less easily accessed. Just offer plain text chat, for god’s sake, and quit it with this reach creep.

The preferences contains an option to avoid this dialog and always configure the tracking.

Facebook is removing the messaging capability from its mobile web application, according to a notice being served to users: “Your conversations are moving to Messenger,” it reads.

Welcome news to the millions like me who switched to the web app in order to avoid Messenger in the first place!

In the latter case, you can merge or rebase by hand, as explained in Merge and Rebase, respectively.

These options are meaningless, if you select to Fetch Only.

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