Accomodating the disabled in technology education

Western Ophthalmics maintains regular office hours for your convenience and we always welcome your visit in person.

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A few of the supplies and consumables offered by Western Ophthalmics include pen lights, eye patches, post-mydriatic specs, Ocufilm tonotip covers, press-on optics, phoroptor face shields, chin rest tissues, printer paper, recording charts, dust covers, gloves, eye bubbles, fluorescein, tear tests, eye protection, occlusion foils, and stereo slide viewers.

Western Optical developed a full service ophthalmic instruments style that customers liked in 1964.

The vision of becoming your single source for ophthalmic instruments and supplies, created the foundation on which Western Ophthalmics' website is now built.

Vitreous floaters are easily and visualized using the Siepser Vitreous Floater Demonstrator model and a penlight.

You will find patient supplies in this section such as the DMV Contact Lens Remover / Inserter, and Contact Lens Cases.

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