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The Islamic State of Iraq was established to try to put an Iraqi face on what is a foreign-driven network, Bergner said.

Here we are proud to release the transcript of the first trial recording, after training the instrument on unsuspecting subject: "Hmmm, gotta remember, it'th 'don't athk, don't tell'... For example, he's reduced the number of people who go on planes since September 11, 2001. If you were lucky enough to be up at the late hour of am, then you’re a loser who has nothing better than watch crappy infomercials while you attempt to make a home-made noose out of paper clips. While using airplanes as wrecking balls has some potential, it is apparently dangerous, seeing as it caused the hosting country to send troops after us to shoot us up. Also, he's reduced the number of people in general. Which is why we aired it at that time to get low lifes to join us. Osama: Hello welcome To the Al Qaeda super exclusive super saving’s show. “To make al-Baghdadi appear credible, al-Masri swore allegiance to al-Baghdadi and pledged to obey him, which is essentially pledging allegiance to himself since he knew Baghdadi was fictitious and a creation of his own,” he said.“The rank and file Iraqis in AQI believe they are following the Iraqi al-Baghdadi.Please welcome your host the man who recently has been hailed for having the worst hairdo in movie history. Robert Langdon, Woody Car, Viktor Navorski, Professor G. Dorr, Carl Hanratty, Michael Sullivan, Forrest Gump and the British officer from that episode of “Band of the Brothers” but tonight he is his normal sexy self, TOM HANKS!!! Female Audience Members: WOOOOO OH HE’S SO DREAMY Tom Hanks: I’m sure you know me from somewhere else, but tonight I’m here to tell you about an organization that will change your life Crazy Christen Audience member: You suck Tom Hanks. CALL 123437848675935659843693976093427092347452765480. Call in the next ten minutes and you will receive a free set of steak knives and 72 virgins when you die. BAGHDAD (Reuters) - A senior operative for al Qaeda in Iraq who was caught this month has told his U. military interrogators a prominent al Qaeda-led group is just a front and its leader fictitious, a military spokesman said on Wednesday.Brigadier-General Kevin Bergner told a news conference that Abu Omar al-Baghdadi, leader of the self-styled Islamic State of Iraq, which was purportedly set up last year, did not exist.Bergner said the information came from an operative called Khalid al-Mashadani who was caught on July 4 and who he said was an intermediary to Osama bin Laden.He said Mashadani was believed to be the most senior Iraqi in the Sunni Islamist al Qaeda in Iraq network. military officials in recent weeks have been pressed to explain the link between al Qaeda in Iraq and bin Laden’s global network given the military’s heightened focus on al Qaeda in Iraq as the biggest threat to the country.

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