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Nothing of note came of it and they parted ways soon after.2008: This year saw Aniston hook up with singer-songwriter John Mayer at a party.

They were only together for a year, but the media made it out to be like Mayer was the second coming of Brad Pitt, as hopes were high that this celebrity couple could make it work for the long haul.2009: The couple parted ways in 2009 and things did not end well.

Aniston, 38, and Sculfor have been seen out at several Los Angeles area dining spots and spent much of the recent Memorial Day holiday weekend together, the magazine reported, citing Sculfor’s friends.

Sculfor, meanwhile, formerly dated Lisa Snowdon (yes, George Clooney’s ex) for two years.“He’s a lovely guy,” says his friend and former flame, London socialite Lady Victoria Hervey. Simple things, like opening doors, he does all that.He’ll think of the woman before himself.” The 6-foot-tall former boxer and construction worker has shown up in ads for Christian Dior and Jean Paul Gaultier, but he may be best known for a British commercial he starred in for Levi’s (see the You Tube clip below), in which he plays a drowned fisherman with three mermaids desperately after him and his jeans.The super-famous couple, who had their every action heavily observed and scrutinized by the media, enjoyed a wedding with 200 guests (many of whom are also famous), a choir, bands, fireworks, incredibly fancy food, rings designed by her new husband, and over 50,000 flowers.2005: Despite being expected to butt the trend for celebrity marriages crashing and burning, Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt announced they were separating on January 7, 2005, finalizing their divorce much later, on October 2 of the same year.In the period in-between the announcement and divorce, it was suggested that the split was caused by Pitt having an affair with Angelina Jolie, whom Pitt, of course, hooked up with shortly after his split from Aniston.He also is claiming that his apartment was damaged by water that allegedly seeped down from Justin's apartment. It can be hard to tell, given the actress’ extensive dating timeline.In the spring of ‘98, not long after breaking up with Tate Donovan, Jennifer Aniston began her most prolific celebrity relationship with Brad Pitt.The two were set up on a blind date by their agents.2000: Following two years of a harmonious relationship, the two wed in Malibu on July 29, 2000.And with that, here’s a full Jennifer Aniston dating list, which hit a lot of checkmarks.1995: In ’95, Jennifer Aniston was somewhat briefly dating Adam Duritz, frontman for the band Counting Crows.They went out for most of the year before breaking up, with one notable tidbit later being made public: according to Duritz, he and Jennifer Aniston never slept together.

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