Aries woman dating a scorpio man

Whether he tells you or not, from the sounds of things it's very likely you do have his heart. I am an Aries woman in love with my Scorpio man we have been together for 15mos.Through out the relationship there have been ups and downs, disagreements, etc.But have always managed to work things out, he was once in a 4 yrs relationship so took a very long time to open up. We have both had other spouses and stayed friends during our marriages but always come back to each other.Just recently he truly began to talk to me about things he has never done before which really made me appreciate him even more. Actually that caught my attention which is hard to get in this days, I really shutdown myself it wasn't plan to date nobody. I have been involved with a Scorpio man for over 16 years. I am an Aries and I express my feelings and we struggle with him expressing his.I don't much about Scorpios except for the fact that I had an ex-colleague who was of that sign and oh the fireworks in the office! Anyways, I wasn't particularly thrilled when I discovered my date was a Scorpio.- we were both headstrong and wanted to lead, had strong independent personalities, but he was devious about things, while in typical Aries fashion I was upfront. I do seem to recall though that at times we were on the same wavelength. Truth be told, I actually moaned 'oh no' inside of me.I know that he is the only one that I want Already and while at times he annoys me and I aggravate him (because Im and Aries duhhh lol) but I just know that one day we will be together again and it will last forever because I know what I want this time and what he needs.I know that they are stubborn but I think this will be worth it because I KNOW that he will see that I am still in love with him like the first moment that I met him no matter who he talks to or dates I know that I affected him and that I am still in his heart because I believe in us and our love regardless of the pain that I am going through now..... I think this is the best zodiac match I am dating a Scorpio man!

It is the most exciting and physical relationship I have ever had.We dated in the beginning for about two months and we split because we could not see eye to eye. This lasted for a year and then we began to become friends and he began to reveal himself to me over time.We rekindled again then we both got separated for 4 years. I am an Aries woman and it is very hard to let someone else control things but I have to give this man my trust and know that he will make it happen.He thinks I'm intelligent and passionate and asks me about personal issues etc. I told him I had feelings for him and he says he just wants to be friends. I feel like I mean more to him than just friends but I cant be sure. I have known my Scorpio man for over ten years and have been involved with him for nearly five.He also makes time for me to have lunch together during the week even when he's busy. It is extremely passionate in a way I have never experienced before.We recently started seeing each other again and the same feelings are still there. So yes an Aries and Scorpio relationship can work you just have to have patience with your Scorpio, it's worth the wait.I waited ten years for the relationship I have now.I feel we are soul mates and although he hasn't said ILY in those words it has come out in many other ways.He has broken up with me twice and both times I never gave up knowing he would come back to me because we are meant to be together.Since then I have been reading about Scorpio, which I never bothered with before.I'm drawn to the intensity and the depth of feelings they are supposed to be able to feel, I am fine with the jealous possessive side, cause hey, that's how I am too as an Aries woman ha!

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