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These would have been accommodation for farm workers.

Nowadays though these cottages surrounded by idealistic country gardens, climbing roses and wisteria, looking picture postcard perfect, are owned by wealthy people who work in the City and use them as weekend homes.

It is not simply the tale of Austen's life, which began in Hampshire with her six brothers and sister in a family on the lower fringes of gentry.

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But Hughes says: 'Although it seems as if the world's foremost writer of love stories was writing out of apparently no experience, when you look closely, you realise she did have experience - not a bodice-ripping, sexual experience, as I'm sure she died a virgin, but a clear emotional experience of at least three men.' In an era when, had Jane married and had children, she would never have had time for her writing, she says: 'Thank goodness she didn't get married or have kids.Probably the working class and farm labourer class predominated though.There are plenty of small Victorian cottages, Georgian cottages and cottages dating back to the 16th century and before in Chawton and surrounding areas.After Austen's father had died in 1805, Jane, Cassandra and their mother were left in a precarious financial situation, living in a small house provided by her then wealthy brother Edward in thevillage of Chawton in Hampshire.Marriage to Bigg-Wither in 1802 would have given Jane security for her family, if not personal happiness.'There's one time when Bridges doesn't go to cricket because he stays behind and has cheese on toast with Jane. For a woman approaching 40, who'd already said no to money, the big pull must be to companionship.'But the third man in Austen's life was half her age - and it was more like she had a girly, sexual crush on him.The above depiction of Jane Austen has already sent shudders down the corsets of her fans worldwide, for this little-known side to the early 19th-century author is the subject of a new BBC costume drama, Miss Austen Regrets.But the facts about the author's life are in short supply as Austen (playedby Olivia Williams in the film) never wrote a memoir, never sat for an interview and never recorded whether she herself had felt the joys and disappointments of the love about which she writes.Tony reserved a slew of photos for this blog and added his commentary.I inserted some observations by Constance Hill and Jane’s grand niece to round out this post. Chawton village is first mentioned in 1086 in the Domesday Book which was administered from Winchester, the first capital of England, under William the Conqueror,after 1066.Their younger brother, Harris Bigg-Wither, proposed - and Austen accepted.According to Caroline Austen, Jane's niece, and Reginald Bigg- Wither, a descendant, Harris was large, plain-looking, aggressive and tactless.

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