Before updating to mavericks Chat mit milf

In addition, it's possible that some preference settings, particularly for the Finder, will need to be reconfigured.

It may seem like your Mac is stalled, but the first startup takes a bit of time because your Mac is performing a number of one-time housekeeping chores after the initial install of the new OS.Standalone installers are available from Apple Support Downloads.Information about products not manufactured by Apple, or independent websites not controlled or tested by Apple, is provided without recommendation or endorsement.You probably won't have any issues with installing OS X Mavericks, but when you make a major change to your Mac, it's a good idea to backup your system first.That way, if anything goes wrong in the installation process, you can return your Mac to the state it was in before you started the upgrade.You may be wondering what the phrase "almost all" in the above sentence means.Mavericks will check to make sure that all of your apps are compatible with the OS; apps that won't work with Mavericks will be moved to an Incompatible Software folder.Also, you may discover after upgrading that one or more of your critical apps aren't compatible with OS X Mavericks.By having a current backup, you can either return your Mac to the previous OS or create a new partition that will allow you to boot into the older OS when needed.This also holds true for later versions of the operating system.So long as you have OS X Snow Leopard or later running on your Mac, you can jump to the very latest version of the Mac OS, as long as your Mac meets the minimum requirements.

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