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A "surfer" can immediately focus on people with similar interests, beliefs, age and other important criteria without having to spend time and money "going for coffee." Non-matching people can be sidestepped without ever needing to make contact.

It's "partner shopping" in a global supermarket of humanity.

“It’s great to see that you have mutual friends in common (on a dating app) because it automatically creates a sense of comfort and trust,” Tina Wie, VP of Marketing for Three Day Rule, tells Bustle.

“The stronger your mutual friend connection (i.e., first-degree over third-degree) and the context in which you know them (i.e., they went to business school with your high school buddy or used to work with your college bestie), the more likely you’ll feel that the person you connected with is a normal, interesting person. With many dating apps, you can only message with someone if you like them and they “like” you back (i.e., swipe right on you). “You can cut to the chase in a lot of ways,” says Gerrits.

So, if you don’t want to wait to meet, you don’t have to.

Technology has revolutionized the world in almost every way possible.

Want to know where you crossed paths with a potential match? There’s even an app, Meet My Dog, that has you meet through your dog. Want to eave them a one-minute voice message (or several one-minute messages in a row)? ”Let’s face it: Some people are just awkward when you speak to them at bars or parties or at whatever social outing you happen to meet them at. Until it comes to meeting people — and potential dates! Also, with apps that have expanded their dating intentions to friend intentions, too, like Tinder Social and Bumble BFF, you can also find people to hang with platonically, not just romantically. Yep, with a lot of apps, they tell you how far (or near) someone is, which means that they could be in the very same room or bar or restaurant that you’re in right now.

But, one-on-one, via a dating app, for instance, they’re great. As an extrovert who tends to date a lot of introverts (whom I’ve met on apps), I vouch for this 100 percent. And Happn uses geotracking and even tells you where you two intersected, at this street and this street.

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“Dating apps have the portability factor, so you can use them while you’re on the bus or waiting for an appointment,” New York–based relationship expert and author April Masini tells Bustle.

However, one aspect of our lives involving love and relationships are two things that were unexpected of the advancements we see today.

Online dating has transformed the way individuals meet.

Many people today are turning to the internet as a tool for finding a partner.

The Internet has strong advantages but there are some serious pitfalls .

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