Book about black women dating outside their race been dating for a year and a half

In addition, 22 percent of all black male newlyweds married outside of their race, compared to nine percent of black female newlyweds.“I’ve spent a good amount of time away from home when I was in the Navy, so my mind and interests are a lot more diverse than most,” says Dean Cantave of Chicago.Whoopi Goldberg has talked about interracial dating on "The View," saying you date whom you are around.Oprah Winfrey has encouraged black women to explore "what is out there." While the discussion includes men of all races and ethnicities, the focus is primarily on overcoming taboos against dating white men. Get over those old images of slavery and stop blaming every white man for sins perpetrated by others.

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Is that the reason we feel abandoned and betrayed when African American men choose to date and marry a lady who doesn’t look like us?

Source: If I had to make a list of the stuff that I don’t like, advising single Black women to date outside of the race would be at the very top.

I just want to find whoever started that “70 percent of Black women are single” conversation and put them on a rocket ship to outer space with whoever first volunteered that “the solution is to date outside of your race” remark.

Tyler Perry cast a Latin man as the great love interest of black actress Taraji P.

In encouraging black women to date and marry interracially, the book has joined a broadening debate in recent years fueled by the blogosphere, the entertainment industry and comments by prominent African Americans.

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