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in which the participants learn to live these values.

As one would expect, there are courses in basic business skills, building websites, social media, bookkeeping, marketing, goal setting and sales — taught by big names in these fields.

500- and Fast 50-ranked marketing firm; built a multimillion dollar real-estate holdings company; and had worked as an intellectual property attorney, engineer and celebrity branding strategist. Fajardo created Leave Normal Behind to “challenge the status quo and live a life of purpose by becoming the best version of yourself. A life of purpose is defined as overcoming obstacles toward a defined goal.” Leave Normal Behind is monetized by Sofro, a Newark company owned by Fajardo and Adams that helps people create things that matter through branding, business development and marketing services.

Fajardo met Adams through a mutual friend, celebrity jeweler Greg Yuna. Donovan, the product manager, worked with Brian Ragone, CEO of Sofro, and Adams to design and manage the Seed to Scale accelerator course.

Richan won the raffle after having hundreds of people from Utah tag him in Adams’ Instagram post, which helped him win his face-to-face time with Adams. the next day, and then went on a whirlwind business adventure that lasted three days.

During that time, Richan heard that Adams was looking for his next millennial apprentice.

Adams was raised in the greater Newark area, where his father went to Barringer High School. “Many of the entrepreneurs have started with real disadvantages compared to what we typically see at other accelerators,” he said.

“We’re seeing entrepreneurs from adverse backgrounds and women who’ve not been given a fair shot in a male-dominated environment flourish at Fownders, and it’s because we let markets dictate what sells and who succeeds, not a bias or what might appear socially acceptable,” he added.

Rob Fajardo handles business development and strategic partnerships, Brian Donovan works on Fownders’ “product” and Kal Richan assembles Fownders’ corporate sponsorship program and entrepreneur events.He bought a one-way ticket to New York and stayed in a hostel in Soho.While following Adams on social media, he heard that Adams was giving away New York Knicks tickets.Event coordinator Richan is a millennial entrepreneur who is now working on Leave Normal Behind events — transformational events that challenge the status quo by triggering the five senses for a completely immersive experience of positivity.Richan is from Utah, where he built a successful event-planning business.Fownders gives back by helping inner-city businesses grow, by helping inner-city youth develop entrepreneurship skills and by volunteering to assist local businesses that are owned and operated by recovering addicts or single mothers.The accelerator is largely funded by its partners, who suggest that participants contribute five percent of their profits.The program teaches how to leverage the Internet and online marketing and sales through Twitter, Facebook, You Tube, Instagram, Snapchat and other avenues.Other notable experts include Ryan Blair, serial entrepreneur and author of ; Peter Voogd, entrepreneur and personal coach; Peter Yobo, professional consultant; and Steve Weatherford, former Super Bowl champion with the New York Giants.Donovan saw an opportunity to help out Adams and took it.The Seed to Scale program’s first three weeks of psychological training are inspired by the works of well-known authorities such as Tony Robbins, the leading life and business strategist, and Martin Seligman, famous for his work on “learned helplessness” and positive psychology. Noted investor and social-media expert Gary Vaynerchuk and host of “School of Greatness” Lewis Howes are slated to be among the social-media instructors at the accelerator.

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