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When travelling on a domestic electronic ticket it is a requirement that you carry a valid passport or approved photo identification at all times.

It is essential that the name on your ticket matches exactly the name as shown on your passport. No Show / Cancellation Penalties: You may incur a No Show fee if you fail to notify the service provider or American Express Gobal Business Travel that you are unable to travel.

GBT’s liability in respect of the services provided by it is subject to the limits on and exclusions from liability set out in the applicable Business Travel Services Agreement.

Check In Times: Airlines check in time and reconfirmation policies may differ. You may be able to check in online from your home or office computer, tablet or smartphone device, Online check in varies by airline and destination.Access to Passenger Data: Your airline is required by law to give border control agencies access to passenger data including sensitive personal data.Accordingly any information held about you and your travel arrangements may be disclosed to the customs and immigration authorities of any country in your itinerary.In some cases checking in online allows you to print boarding passes 24 hours in advance.Electronic Tickets: When travelling on an International or European electronic ticket it is a requirement that you carry your passport at all times.Included below are some useful links and information: Passenger rights: The European Union has provided passengers with specific rights when flights are disrupted (delayed, cancelled) or overbooked.EU legislation also covers loss, delay or damage to baggage.The surcharge is not refundable MANAGING YOUR BOOKING Taxes & Pricing: Please note taxes and pricing quoted are subject to change without notice due to service provider increases and/or currency fluctuations. rates quoted may exclude taxes/airport surcharges/refueling/insurance cost, etc.Prices can only be guaranteed when paid in full and confirmation documents have been issued.AIR TRANSPORT BOOKING TERMS AND CONDITIONS The rules and restrictions of suppliers of air transport services are available prior to making a booking.Other conditions may apply please check with your airline for further information.

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