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verb: To bring sexiness and simplicity into an existing industry with a fresh approach that delights people. noun: Startup funded by Y Combinator that makes it easier to find flights. It's often used to describe ideas that are not disruptive.

It's clean, simple, and organizes information well.That's okay, look at it like the startup version of the popular teen movie "She's All That". Companies like Groupon and Thrillist are growing faster than any other company before.Find the ugly one and turn them into something absolutely beautiful. They figured out how to leverage an unused, unsexy asset and make it work for the user. Payment processing is a sleezy, unsexy, and just headache of an industry. They added a beautiful interface and made it frictionless for real world merchants to have a payment processing engine without the headaches involved.Every blue moon, there is no way to do anything other than send a fax. With Hello Fax, they took a process that consistently sucks and made it just work.One of the best ways to make a product enjoyable and easy to use is with an interface that is simple clean.The flow of information should come first and foremost in a clean interface.Problematic and painful industries usually have a high amount of friction between the customer and information.In the case of Hello Fax , it seemed like a silly idea at first to most.Fax machines are a thing of the past it would seem, but in reality they aren't.His spat with Microsoft is supposedly one of the greatest things that ever happened to the company!Most unsexy industries don't have a love for customer support. Who would have ever thought that a shoe retailer could be an iconic company?

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