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Wishful thinking aside, below are the promised updates, in brief, for our three loyal and impatient readers.– Lincoln posted on one of his communication sites that he was looking for a hobby that did not include books or the internet.It was during the time of our growing friendship that Terry first suggested that I should “come on board” with him at the Office of Advancement.Because I have no meaningful business experience, I dismissed the idea.The task almost accomplished, I looked at the price tag – .00 per tie.I was told that the price was not so steep if I considered that I could get the second tie at 50%.So, today (on a Saturday mind you), because I am again wearing suits and ties, we went tie shopping.

We left the store with me still being an embarrassment to all.

It has been an exciting year of change and challenge – all in the wonder of God’s provision.

The swiftness with which the year has past has made it seem like a year “out of time.” All is new: our home, church family, friends, employment, places of fun and interest – it is all new.

It was during this time, from his hospital bed, that he again encouraged me to seek a position on the advancement team.

Believing that the Lord was speaking through this good man, I did as he insisted and the Lord blessed. This wonderful family has been a true testimony of God’s grace and loving care.

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