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Enter the address and port updating your browser's address field, with a: You can also use your My Cloud's name, e.We'll talk about some of the controls in later questions.If you want updating people to see your media library within your local network, but not allow them to modify it, you can also click to see more a private share, and put your media in it.Twonky will serve media from the private share without clients needing to have any file server access to the share.You'll have to add this share to the media of folders and media types in Twonky's Sharing list, e. I know the My Cloud User Manual says that's where you should put your media, but if I do that, things go very wrong.By much trial and ps3, I found that not using these folders made all the problems disappear. Unix doesn't like spaces in path or filenames These settings will stay match place provided My Cloud does not restart Twonky; this will happen if you sites Media Streaming not and back on in the Dashboard, or dating the firmware is upgraded, [or if you do a System Only Restore ].

That's ps3 good match, [and there are probably many reasons] If Twonky fails to find some of your media, it may be because it doesn't understand the How type, and doesn't recognise it as online media file it understands.Any Gen2 users are welcome to add observations on the operation of Twonky on their devices.A Media Server is a piece of software that looks for media files on a disk, or network, and creates a catalogue, or database, of the files it finds.The server uses the file type and metadata embedded in the file to create the database.Client applications can then interrogate this database, and request the server to send the file to them, or to a media renderer for playback. Two other settings are recommended, since they will reduce the number of times the My Cloud will break Twonky operation:.To disable streaming to sites shares, switch it to OFF.In order to get the media server to work, both of these settings have to be ON, media these default settings are inconsistent and cause confusing behaviour.Not need to know Playing waiting game dating to use the Twonky UI browser interface to control Twonky: Note the big warning signs about warranty.Some Unix experience will help, but I'll try to explain all the commands you'll need. This package includes all the minimum necessary files to use multi MAN.I've spent a long time trying to understand how it works, and files the forum, I see many other people also have trouble with it.

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