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Anthony Bourdain has also spoken on the issue, railing against “meathead culture” and promising to be a better ally for women.

Colicchio and Bourdain are two of the most prominent culinary personalities to speak out against abuse in the restaurant industry.

That was not the only year it was honored with this award they are honored in 2005 too.Though doctors warned that the boy could suffer defects, Dante grew to be a healthy child.Shortly after, Colicchio teamed up with Danny Meyer, a celebrated New York restaurateur.He is also one of the founding members of Gramercy Tavern in New York City.He rose into prominence after being honored by the James Beard Foundation Awards. He is married to Lori Silverbush; this is also a renowned name in the film industry as she is the filmmaker. They also have three children together and all of them are sons.Here’s hoping that more of America’s 25 most successful chefs lend their voices soon.Tom Colicchio full name Thomas Patrick "Tom" Colicchio is a renowned chef from United States.But he credits a strong upbringing for molding him into the empathetic person he is today — Colicchio’s father strictly prohibited any disrespect toward his mother.This made it an easy choice for the chef to deny some high-paying bachelor parties that have wanted to rent out a restaurant’s private dining room to host a stripper.Tom Colicchio grew up cooking with his mother and grandmother in the kitchen of their Italian-American home.As a teenager, he taught himself the culinary fundamentals from the classic books The self-trained Colicchio was eager to test out his knife skills in the big city.

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