Creation science and carbon dating

It rejects one of the fundamental principles of modern geology (and of modern science generally), uniformitarianism, which applies the same physical and geological laws observed on the Earth today to interpret the Earth's geological history.

Sometimes creationists attack other scientific concepts, like the Big Bang cosmological model or methods of scientific dating based upon radioactive decay.

In 1958, the United States passed National Defense Education Act which introduced new education guidelines for science instruction.

With federal grant funding, the Biological Sciences Curriculum Study (BSCS) drafted new standards for the public schools' science textbooks which included the teaching of evolution.

Many school boards and lawmakers were persuaded to include the teaching of creation science alongside evolution in the science curriculum.

Creation science texts and curricula used in churches and Christian schools were revised to eliminate their Biblical and theological references, and less explicitly sectarian versions of creation science education were introduced in public schools in Louisiana, Arkansas, and other regions in the United States.

Most creation science proponents hold fundamentalist or Evangelical Christian beliefs in Biblical literalism or Biblical inerrancy, as opposed to the higher criticism supported by Liberal Christianity in the Fundamentalist–Modernist Controversy.

However, there are also examples of Islamic and Jewish scientific creationism that conform to the accounts of creation as recorded in their religious doctrines.

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It fails to qualify as a science because it lacks empirical support, supplies no tentative hypotheses, and resolves to describe natural history in terms of scientifically untestable supernatural causes.Creation science is generally rejected by the Church of England as well as the Roman Catholic Church.The Pontifical Gregorian University has officially discussed intelligent design as a "cultural phenomenon" without scientific elements.The Church of England's official website cites Charles Darwin's local work assisting people in his religious parish.Creation science incorporates the concept of catastrophism to reconcile current landforms and fossil distributions with Biblical interpretations, proposing the remains resulted from successive cataclysmic events, such as a worldwide flood and subsequent ice age.Almost half the nation's high schools were using textbooks based on the guidelines of the BSCS soon after they were published in 1963.It was strongly influenced by the earlier work of armchair geologist George Mc Cready Price who wrote works such as The New Geology (1923) to advance what he termed "new catastrophism" and dispute the current geological time frames and explanations of geologic history.Arkansas such laws violated the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.This ruling inspired a new creationist movement to promote laws requiring that schools give balanced treatment to creation science when evolution is taught.Soon after its publication, a movement was underway to have the subject taught in United States' public schools.The various state laws prohibiting teaching of evolution were overturned in 1968 when the United States Supreme Court ruled in Epperson v.

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