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I logged in to one of the common dating portals, I chose as a location Budapest and within 6 hours I received 55 private messages (all from Hungarian guys), 296 people marked they want to meet me and I even received some ridiculous awards – for the hottest and most viewed person that day.

Worth to mention that my popularity on this dating portal went from very low to very high – within hours only!

Hungarian nagymamák (grandmas) swear by its powers: Have a headache? Perhaps the most celebrated product of this is the Hungarian Flintstones.

Hungarian writer and poet József Romhányi famously translated the English dialogue into a constant rhyming prose. Forget Fred and Barney — in Hungary it’s Frédi és Béni.

AND HERE WE GO Hungarians are not willing to hit on you, they are waiting for you to approach! Well, couple of days ago I hung out with my Hungarian friend in one of the hippest areas in Budapest, where we both spotted a lot of handsome guys, but they were so busy to talking to their male friends, that even , if Irina Shayk will pass them by, the would not react.

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You will be offered shots relentlessly and refusing the first is more or less an insult. Hungarian dubbing has a long history and its performers are national stars in their own right.The Mongols, the Turks, the Habsburgs, the Germans, and the Russians—they’ve all left deep wounds. Call it pessimism or call it realism, but Hungarians are self-expressed and to-the-point.Being suspicious, overly cautious, and critical are the resulting cultural traits. If someone has the slightest problem with something, they’re going to let you know.When I observe the whole man-woman relationship in Budapest, I get the feeling that a lot of girls trying very hard to find a boyfriend/husband and so many of them are using a dating portal for that.I was offered to register to one of those websites a couple of times, where some of them are paid ones (around 1000 huf – 5 USD), and I was always asking myself, why would I pay for using some dating portal, or why would I waste my time and energy to log in there, when I can go to any bar/club and be picked by some guy there (hypothetically, as I am not looking for anybody).With its complex suffixes and vowel harmony, Hungarian is unlike any other language in the world.In fact, English has more in common with Russian and Sinhala (a Sri Lankan language) than it does with Hungarian.I’ll never forget the day I sat in the car waiting for my wife while she shopped.One person after another passed by, a plume of smoke floating in their wake. The question is always “ (a sponge cake with chocolate buttercream topped with caramel).I have now put aside male fashion, shopping , beards and any sugar, which men have been recently gifted, for a while.As of today, I am going to take Hungarian guys and their attitude towards relationships and marriage, under my loupe.

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  1. Through the years I have been repeatedly presented with this question from troubled lovers who are seeking to understand themselves, the person they are attempting to build a relationship with and the nature of the relationship they are in.

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