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Please join me as I attempt to track and document the history of these fine old bows!8’x16’’ tandem axle tilt trailer; D. mule deer, turkey, deer skin w/ hair; hunting knives; safety harnesses; bowfishing arrows; hunting videos; Carry Lite decoys; releases, sights, cases, etc.; bolt action .20 ga.Its a 45# bow and I sware not a nick, scratch or any other mar. I have a Ventura in Shedua....bow is simple elagant.tomas: My 95' Hunter shot poorly with any brace height under about 8.75". I realized that I had put a fat string on it and the nocks were too tight.Thanks so very much for taking the time to assist in finding out individual bow histories. As you can see this bow is really really very dark. Just a guess but you may have an earlier Howatt than you think. When I bought it I was told it was Brazillian Rosewood but then that got nixed because of the serial number and date HHS 5024.

The handles are cut VERY far past center shot on the metal riser.

With Musk Ox string sclincers this works for a VERY quiet bow with speed stil about 175 fps /[email protected] 55#'s (at draw) and flight near perfect.

Can someone please tell me what year this Ventura is? --------------------"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." Gotta go visit my old Ventura one of these to a friend I have not seen in a you have coming is very nice DDave--------------------I set out a while ago to reduce my herd of 40 bows...

The grip is higher wrist and is quite wide at the base, but I have had no problems.

walk behind string trimmer mower; Toro snow blower; gas high pressure washer; table saw; Paslode nailer; Delta 10” radial arm saw; drill press; belt/disc sander; portable air tank; scroll saw; grinder; lumber; roll of insulation; ladders; rakes; hoes; hammers; axes; wrenches; sockets; hoist; 4 new Andersen windows; air compressor; kerosene heater; floor fan; wheelbarrows; spreaders; other misc.

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