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(before this, Vilgax couldn't find anyone willing to join him on a regular basis and was limited to using robots).

Few thing are known about Psyphon, though Word of God said he was originally from one of the 10 worlds conquered by Vilgax.

After the Dragon was sent back home by Ben, he and his faction decide to keep watching in case the dragons would come back for revenge A Plumber's kid met by Ben, Kevin and Gwen as they were looking for allies to fight the Highbreed invasion.

Micheal Morningstar was a beautiful, young and rich man with light-based powers when they met him, and quickly agreed to join them.

However, since Ben's Omnitrix had Ben's DNA as the default form, it ended up turning Albedo in a clone of Ben with the same alien transformations, but unable to turn back to his original form.

Since then, Albedo is obsessed with getting his hands on the Omnitrix so he can use it to turn back to normal.

Wherever the Irish settled, also live Niall’s posterity.

He had been draining energy from schoolgirls for a long time, turning them into zombies he then used to collect more energy for him.

Eventually, he absorbed Gwen's energy, becoming near unstoppable, but this backfired when Zombie Gwen turned against him and took back her energy.

This then caused his other zombies to attack him as well and drain most of his powers, leaving him powerless and disfigured.

Niall was the son of Eochaid Mugmedón, King of Tara, and Carthan Cais Dubh (also known as Carinna, who was supposedly the daughter of the Celtic King of Britain).

According to legend: “Young Niall had to survive the malice of his wicked stepmother, Mongfhinn, who left him naked upon a hillside to die.

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