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The funny thing is, I don’t think I’ve actually met any guys here who’ve said that. But you know, since I’m also a wee bit opinionated about My Japan, I had to take issue with some of her previous stuff: “. So according to information found on “the internet,” being a foreign guy makes it easy to land Japanese girls. Surely each individual is unique, and generalizations/stereotypes about an entire culture can’t be made based on a very little number of individuals.

Even the Heisei Era itself has experienced social and political changes.

Furthermore, Japanese women are definitely interested in relationships, however, they tend to be afraid of the longer commitments due to their future struggles created in contemporary Japan.

Japanese women are very interested in dating foreign men and Vice versa.

Therefore, expect your Japanese girlfriend to be independent (especially on you) and busy with her work.

This is not just a feature of Japanese women, but of many women and even men around the world.

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