Dating greek phoenician coins

2011, 656 pages, appendices, drawings, maps, charts, and and other illustrations; over 981 different type coins illustrated and more than 6,000 individually dated coins listed, blue laminated boards, shrink wrapped. shown on the back cover crosses the millennium divide of 1 BC/1 AD, the catalogue continues to its last dated coin in the AD era.

The coins of antiquity used various kinds of numbers and more than 50 calendar systems for dating that have no familiarity to most modern readers.

Jezebel, consort of the ninth century BCE Hebrew king Ahab, was a Sidonian princess. 450 BCE) is a tiny 1/16 shekel depicting a ship with a triangular sail on the obverse, as well as the stepped stone platform of the Temple of Eshmun, which still stands as one of the oldest surviving Phoenician sites.

Early Tyrian coins show a dolphin leaping over waves on the obverse and an owl–on the reverse.

Like so many things in ancient numismatics, the date and identity of the first Phoenician coins are uncertain.

The earliest date generally accepted by scholars is about 450 BCE.

Nearly 100 issuing states or authorities are represented.

The catalogue describes more than 900 type coins struck in gold, silver and bronze, exceeding 6,000 different dated coins, dozens of which are cited in no other catalogue.

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