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We should look back to the old proverb “boys will be boys,” take a deep breath, and relax. Females hear better than males -In the brain centres for language and hearing, women have 11% more neurons than men (Brizendine. Before you label a boy with attention deficit, try moving him to the front of the class. -This may be because during male fetal brain development, testosterone impacts the formation of the auditory system, making it block out unwanted noise and repetitious acoustic stimuli. “The Male Brain” 41) This is a big issue in most male/female relationships.“The Female Brain” 5) – Females not only hear better, but can discern between a broader range of emotional tones in the human voice. Women evolved to be nurturers, so hearing & interpreting their infant's cries is kind of an important skill. A girl will say something and the guy won't hear her.Kids draw different stuff" keep in mind that most early grade teachers are female, with a feminine bias. – the females had an intense response to both sounds.They favour girls’ drawings to be the correct type of art, which can put boys off art forever. I always see headlines like "boy suspended from school for drawing a gun." I think if teachers were aware of these hardwired differences then they would stop raising concerns about male students depicting “violent” scenes. Music affects us differently Premature baby girls who received music therapy had fewer complications, grew faster and were able to be discharged earlier than the ones that did not. – the males responded to the music but deactivated to the white noise, as if they didn't even hear it.-MRI’s were used to examine how emotion is processed in the brains of girls & boys from the ages of 7 through to 17.-They found that in children, negative emotions were localized in the primitive area of the brain, the amygdala.If it was real, many of the boys would have been seriously injured. Females are easier to startle This was demonstrated in a ‘scary stimuli study’ that measured fear through electrical conductivity in the skin. So the actual result of this study is: if you're confident enough to ask for a higher starting salary, regardless of your gender, you are more likely to get it than if you don't ask. Psychologists at Boston University figure that this is probably why almost all drowning victims are male. “43) -Boys are way more likely to do dangerous things (especially if other boys are around).The boys also reported feeling excited during a simulated collision, while the girls reported feeling fearful. -They're way less likely to listen to the warnings of their parents.

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This is not, as some will have you believe, a difference caused by societal gender norms: This is a legitimate brain difference.

Young male rats engage in much more rough-and-tumble play than young female rats. Boys are more likely to take risks Researchers in Missouri studied the responses of kids that rode a stationary bicycle while watching a hyper-realistic simulation.

Study any mammal; their young play differently depending on their sex. When confronted with a hazard, the boys were much slower to break than the girls. Women also exhibit a stronger emotional response to the anticipation of pain ("Sex Differences in Brain Response to Anticipated and Experienced Visceral Pain in Healthy Subjects." American Journal of Physiology) (Brizendine. Males are More Likely to Overestimate Their Ability When a professor looked at male and female students that graduated from the same University with the same business degree, he found that the starting salaries of the men were an average of 00 more. It turned out that only 7% of the females had asked for more money compared to 57% of the males. Overestimation of ability also leads to things like drowning. Males are more likely to die from an accident than females As mentioned…men are more likely to take risks and overestimate their ability.

-It seems that the male and female brains have access to the same circuitry but use differently circuitry by default. And the boys at the top are not necessarily the biggest; they're the boys who are least likely to back down during a conflict. “The Male Brain” 22-24) Even males castrated shortly after birth and raised as females still tend to be the dominant ones in the group. “The Nurture Assumption” 222) You know what's the most interesting thing about group play?

That when given the option, boys and girls naturally segregate.

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