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This can be quickly corrected though with your camera's Exposure Compensation controls.To begin with, try dialling in up to 1 stop of positive Exposure Compensation to lighten up people's faces.A little grain is infinitely better than a blurry, useless photo.

This will also help to ensure sharp shots and avoid camera-shake because more often than not you'll be shooting portraits handheld.

Whether you're taking portraits of your friends or you've been commissioned to photograph a family, and whether you're shooting in a pristine studio or outside in your local park, the helpful advice below will help you become a better portrait photographer.

Your camera's metering system plays a vital role in picture-taking.

This is a great technique for fooling the eye and changing the perspective of objects and people.

However, be careful not to go too close, as you might see some distortion, which isn't flattering at all!

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