Dynamic lookup cache not updating

The two previous tutorials looked at caching data in the Presentation and Caching Layers.In Caching Data with the Object Data Source, we looked at using the Object Data Source s caching features to cache data in the Presentation Layer.Information can be programmatically cached in an ASP. We ve already seen how to use the data cache in previous tutorials.

The Northwind database tables we ve implemented to date do not include any traditional lookup tables.

In any Web application some data will be frequently used and some data will be infrequently used. NET application by loading in advance the frequently-used data, a technique known as.

This tutorial demonstrates one approach to proactive loading, which is to load data into the cache at application startup.

Proactive loading is especially useful if the underlying data comes from a slow database connection, a Web service, or some other particularly sluggish data source.

But this approach to proactive loading is more difficult to implement, as it requires creating, managing, and deploying a process to check for changes and update the cache.

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