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The book is: Letters From A Whoremonger's Wife by: Danita Clark Able It is available on Amazon, Createspace, Nook, Kindle I hope you'll check it out. Danita I cant see how every one would be the same for this.Self esteem will allow some one to continue this as well as ignorance of what is going on.Don't get me wrong—cheating once also reflects on a person's character, and not well.But if it happens just once and never again, his return to fidelity does speak well of his character, and indicates that it was a momentary transgression, a chance temptation to which he chose (that once) to give in—which doesn't make it any less harmful or hurtful, but may give hope to the spouse (or the new love for whom he left his last) that it won't happen again.

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I don't know if an article as been written on it yet..I have written a book about my life..person being cheated on by a chronic adulterer.

And if you do, it'll just be another occasional lapse--probably no big deal.

But if you find yourself procrastinating time and time again, in the same circumstances, then it is more likely that passion is the cause; your decision-making has been corrupted so as to allow the passion to influence your choices over time.

This is a great topic, if only because it allows me to tie together several of the things I've discussed before on this blog: adultery, strength, Kant, and procrastination.

Wait—, which is based on Kant's writings on character and strength.

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