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Remove the noise from your email marketing lists and focus on connecting with your real audience.

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HP 5.3.3 and 5.2.14 had a bug ( related to FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL, which resulted in segfault when validating large values.It’s the ideal solution for web forms and landing pages, Ecommerce shopping carts, web applications, and call centers.Not sure if your existing email list is deliverable? Our batch email validation solution can be run manually when you need it, or it can be run automatically within your database at set intervals.Use Brite Verify Email List Verification before you send.The value of an email across all industries is at least . Isn't it worth a penny to make sure it's a real one? We operate the most secure, performant, compliant and accurate verification network on the planet.An email is verified differently in Los Angeles than it is in London.Brite Verify operates much like any other enterprise-scale email marketing company. The following example shows how to use the email Address validator to validate email address in the client side first.And then use the remote validator to connect with Mailgun validation API.Brite Verify operates in over 150 countries all over the world not only to ensure the speed and reliability of every email verification request, but more importantly, the accuracy.Just as there are different rules and regulations for sending emails in different countries, there are constraints with verifying them.

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