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The dialect is non-rhotic, like most Anglo-English dialects. The literal opposite of this phrase is haddaway ("go away"); although not as common as howay, it is perhaps most commonly used in the phrase "Haddaway an' shite" (Tom Hadaway, Figure 5.2 Haddaway an' shite; 'Cursing like sleet blackening the buds, raging at the monk of Jarrow scribbling his morality and judgement into a book.' used in 1850, commission disapproved of its use in 1886 (inventor not known, nicknamed Scotch Davy probably given by miners after the Davy lamp was made perhaps by north east miners who used the Stephenson Lamp) As in a north east miner saying 'Marra, ye keep way from me if ye usin a divvy.' It seems the word divvie then translated to daft lad/lass.This means speakers do not pronounce The Geordie dialect shares similarities with other Northern English dialects, as well as with the Scots language. Perhaps coming from the fact one would be seen as foolish going down a mine with a Scotch Divvy when there are safer lamps available, like the Geordie, or the Davy. However, gabbinetto is the Modern Italian diminutive of gabbia, which actually derives from the Latin cavea ("hollow", "cavity", "enclosure"), the root of the loanwords that became the Modern English cave, Bill Griffiths, in A Dictionary of North East Dialect, points to the earlier form, the Old English níd; he writes: "MS locates a possible early ex. at the other end of his house a knyttyng" York 1419, in which case the root could be OE níd 'necessary'".", which calls the first Hanoverian king "Geordie Whelps", a play on "George the Guelph".Another explanation for the name is that local miners in the northeast of England used Geordie safety lamps, designed by George Stephenson, known locally as "Geordie the engine-wright", rather than the competing Davy lamps, designed by Humphry Davy, used in other mining communities.This linguistic conservatism can be seen today to the extent that poems by the Anglo-Saxon scholar the Venerable Bede translate more successfully into Geordie than into present-day Standard English.

The source from Durham stated, "In South Tyneside even, this name was applied to the Lower Tyneside men." In Graham's many years of research, the earliest record he found of the term's use was in 1823 by local comedian Billy Purvis.It occurs in the titles of two songs by songwriter Joe Wilson (1841–1875): "Geordy, Haud the Bairn" and "Keep your Feet Still, Geordie".Citing such examples as the song "Geordy Black", written by Rowland Harrison of Gateshead, she contends that, as a consequence of popular culture, the miner and the keelman had become icons of the region in the 19th century, and "Geordie" was a label that "affectionately and proudly reflected this," replacing the earlier ballad emblem, the figure of Bob Crankie.Later Irish migrants (who, while relatively few in number, influenced Geordie phonology from the early 19th century onwards) and Scottish admixture influenced the dialect.In more recent years (20th century to present), the North East area has received migrants from the rest of the world as well.The Geordie Schooner glassware was traditionally used to serve Newcastle Brown Ale, and more generally as a serving glass for bottled beer.A similar schooner style glass is often used to serve beer in the United States but this often extends to draft, unlike in the UK where draft beers and lagers tend to be served in a pint or half pint glass.One explanation is that it was established during the Jacobite Rebellion of 1715.The Jacobites declared that the natives of Newcastle were staunch supporters of the Hanoverian kings, in particular of George I during the 1715 rebellion.The song "Why Aye Man" is also a popular Geordie song by Geordie Mark Knopfler.Jade Thirlwall and Perrie Edwards from girl group Little Mix are both from South Shields, near Newcastle and have Geordie accents, Jade's sometimes being very strong.

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