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She has been trained in counselling couples and has written numerous books, as well as answering questions from femail readers in her weekly column on the site.

This anonymous question was emailed to us earlier: Can bereavement affect a person's sex drive?

It's also important to explain why you are less interested in sex or he may wonder if you fancy him less.

Moderator: Julia - the following was sent to me from a member who would like to remain anonymous: if a man has unprotected sex how long before the symptoms of any std would manifest themselves?

Julia Cole: Loss of desire can be caused by lots of different things.

It could be tiredness, illness or changes in family circumstances.

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Julia Cole: Premature ejaculation can be caused by anxiety or fear that he is not performing to a standard that you are happy with. Moderator: Here's a question from a member who would like to remain anonymous. I`m 23 and never expereinced an orgasm.i`ve tried a vibrator and i get very wound up and my heart beat races but then I get so frustrated with myself I have to stop.

Try thinking about why you find arousal and orgasm problematic.

Is it linked to anxiety about what being a sexual woman means? Moderator: Here's a question from a member who would like to remain anonymous I've just entered my 40th year and I've been married to a wonderful man for over 20 years but for a long time now I have not had the disire to have sex with him.

She'll be able to answer questions about sexual problems and offer advice on keeping your love life alive.

Julia Cole is one of Britain's best known sex therapists.

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