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NOTE: Make a triangle with the chopsticks, which means the head of the chopsticks should not touch each other. Practice pinching with the chopsticks CHECK: only the upper chopstick should be moving, while the bottom one should not be moved.

Historically and traditionally, Kirai-bashi (forbidden usage of chopsticks) has been known as a discourteous behavior that gives rude and impolite impressions to other people while eating.

And on the nights when you’re not actively prospecting, the websites are working for you behind the scenes.

Get to know them for what they are, and they are a powerful tool to be used in conjunction with the other PUA teachings.

It has everything that I know about girls divided into five chapters of game: Internal, Early, Middle, Late, and End Game.

I’ve always thought that meeting girls and getting to know them in the flesh is much better than copying and pasting messages on the internet.

But, committing to spending no more than an hour a day responding to messages and sending out a few new messages to interesting girls no more than 2-3 sites is a very healthy supplement to the usual PUA activities. You can’t spend every single night out at bars, clubs, coffeehouses, etc; some nights you have to stay home.

Click here to read ten full-length sample pages of Bang today before grabbing your copy.

The main thing to remember is that your online dating profiles are just another tool in your PUA toolbox.

I started off copying their moves and lines and in the course of six years I developed a game on my own that consistently builds attraction (without having to go online).

I recorded my system into an affordable book that I call Bang.

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