Guido dating

In 2009, it debuted on the Disney Channel and became one of the highest-rated shows on cable in Spain, topping Hannah Montana.

The soundtrack album was certified over 5x Platinum in both countries.

In Italy, Il Mondo di Patty and debuted on the Disney Channel and soon became a gigantic hit.

The soundtrack album achieved Platinum certification. The cast toured over 15 cities with the live tour, with over 11 presentations in the Auditorio Nacional in the City of Mexico.

However, a new musical with local actors was licensed and, even though none of the original cast members were part of the production (with the exception of Laura Esquivel for a few special presentations), over 250.000 tickets were sold in Italy and Spain.

Over 30.000 tickets were sold for concerts in Athens.

Although the show was incredibly well received by the audience, Patito Feo attracted huge criticism due to the fact it glamorized the villains, a group of mean and beautiful girls that called themselves Las Divinas (The Divines).

Besides being superficial, Las Divinas were also mean and bullied Patito.

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