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By remotely erasing your target phone data or locking the apparatus, you make sure private data will not fall to the incorrect hands.Assess It: You are able to set this cell phone tracking software up to generate detailed reports on the target cellphone use.

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It’s shocking how quickly teens reciprocate with likes, it’s as if they’ve created this community where they understand each other’s insecurities and want to help each other out.

now is the time to get creative about how you can hack the Instagram algorithm to make it work for you.

Recently, I discovered the weird ways that teens use Kylie Jenner’s Instagram posts to get more likes on their profile, and I decided to see if I could use their methods to hack the Instagram algorithm. Once I started using Instagram like teens do, my posts started performing better in the Instagram feed and I was able to One glance at Kylie Jenner’s Instagram account, and you’ll notice tens of thousands of one-word comments on every photo: “lb, lb, lb, lb, first, lb, first, first, lb, row.” It’s fascinating.

There’s LB’s little sister, “cb”, which means “comment back” and is used less frequently.

Next is my personal favorite “first,” which means “first photo” (and is not, as I originally thought, teens thinking they have the first comment on an Instagram post).

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