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Are you now using/playing this new man because he helps you feel better or do you actually love this new man? The man didn't try to deceive you, he just had fun and evidently so did you. I can say my wall has finally come down, and I am ready to let someone love me. His response was always you're presurering me, then a times I askhimwhen will I meet your family and he will say sometime, yousee he was just keeping me going on with this stupid question,told me I was sofficating him the morning afer we saw eachother the day before, he ask me for coffee so I met him and then he took mewere he bought his new home but I saw his house with the jeep park in the driveway so he also showed mea wrong house, so I went to his new house and left one of his jackets in front of his door so now he knows that I know he lied.

Dear Sir First allow me to express your commemt I do not use anyone, this new Gentlemen is a good good men he does Love me and I met his family yesturday his son 25 his daughter 22 his father 88 and his sister 64, the other men never allow me to meet anyone of his family members, at the begining of that relationship I did not see what I sow towars the end I was new at this web site,it was probably my fault for allowing such relationship like he stated more then just friends, his attention his suave moves etc got my attraction, with time I fell IN LOVE with HIM, unfortunaley he never did but he still kept me on, I do not blame no one in what I went thru but as a Woman That I;m and after seeing him twicealready with different woman it shows me that his a Bachelor who plays with woman, now this beign said I know this new Gentleman I'm dating does and has shown me for Love and kindness then the other one and Im glad I can tell the difference between Love and beign used. Just believe in youself and do not think that every man is the same way. Other occations he would tell me that he care more then just friends, I gave him my heart and soul, now hesend me a text message WARNING stop the phone call or I will file a police report I tex back what phone calls you loser leave me alone, the next weekand Isaw him withthis woman her face really scare me,he look at me and just ignore me..after reading all of this responsing I just have one question should I approch him at starbucks and ask him why you say I sufficate you I need a closure???

Even though they often have successful careers and interesting hobbies, they are always ready to leave everything behind to become mothers and spouses.

Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.

You deserve to be treated with kindness and respect. When we're being hurt, it is natural to go into numb or shock, so we don't feel anything. So many of us give our love emotions before we get the star dust out of our eyes.....

I'm following for this Gentleman slowly the way it suppose to be with no BS Games or lies this is a Truthful RELATIONSHIP, the ex one was not a RELATIONSHIPmaybe you are right and I know how I was treated since I was born, now I know what I need and want and no more victim for no on in my life. Doesn't it strike you as strange that someone you've known for only a short period of time would be so totally in love with someone? Maybe he was just trying to get you in bed, you said above that he makes love to you, it's just not sex. I know how important that is to you and I'm not sure how you can tell that with this being such a new relationship and him professing love so quickly. I was raised in the sweetest , most loving home on the universe!!!! so dont you DARE tell me that "i must need it or ALLOW it"It just isnt so!!!

Thank you24K, I think you're correct, he sounds like a player or someone who was married.

A guy who doesn't want you to stay over, doesn't want to introduce you to his friends and family and who only wants to see you in one place (the restaurant) is most likely playing you.

As far as you say in your post, he didn't make any false promises or tell you he loved you or that he thought you were his girlfriend.

You were someone he could pick up and drop when he wanted because you allowed him to do so. It's easier and safer to blame good hearted people than calling a sicko, a sicko. Odds are he won't get better and he'll only get worse.

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