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Adding to the glamour are PR girls, models and influencers, who are mingling, on-message, in the various outfits that can be put together by mixing-and-matching Heidi's pieces, not one of which costs more than £25.

This collaboration follows on from the success of Heidi's first line for Lidl's esmara clothing range.

That one was more killer suits in bright colours and heavy on the leopard print, inspired by her early modelling years spent in New York City, where the collection launched during Fashion Week back in September.

Her latest is, once more, aimed at 'real' women (a term she sprinkles into conversation and which I take to mean those on a budget), and comprises a capsule wardrobe for Christmas and New Year parties.

And I must admit: the cut and quality does seem excellent.'My entire outfit costs less than 70 euros,' Heidi beams proudly.

On her top half, she wears a silk camisole the colour of mulled wine, with a black sequined jacket – 'my favourite piece'.

' referring to the black faux-leather trousers that adorn her terrifically long legs.

And so it is that I find myself with my hand, momentarily, resting on Heidi Klum's thigh.

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He then returned in 2017 for the sixth season where he's joined by Delta Goodrem, Kelly Rowland and Boy George.

On her feet are a pair of black satiny platform sandals with a bow, which make her seem even more statuesque than she is.

While outside rain falls heavily on the life-sized gingerbread house built near the villa to help foster the 'Christmas-glamorous' theme of the party, inside all is shiny and bright: rooms decked out with baubles; rails of Heidi's clothes on glorious display; waiters scurrying about serving prosecco.

There are velvet blazers, shimmery minis, sequined shift dresses, silky tops and a jumpsuit with cut-out shoulders and a cinched waist that I covet. 'The stylish pieces on display represent quite a feat from a woman who gave up her chance to study fashion design.

'We all have so many events to go to at this time of year,' she sighs – and I nearly point out that most of us probably don't have quite as many as she does but, yes, dressing for the festive season can be overwhelming. After she left school, Heidi was accepted to a fashion college in Düsseldorf, but at the same time she won a local modelling competition, and thought, 'I can't not give this a go.' She has since become one of the world's most successful models, regularly appearing on To top it off, she is a hands-on mother to four children.

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