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The series is inspired by THE LAST GIRLFRIEND ON EARTH, a selection of darkly comic short-stories written by series creator (and SNL writing alum) Simon Rich.

While some parts of the show tell a very literal story, this comedy takes a surrealistic point-of-view on the exciting and anxiety ridden dating pool.

So, it's a cartoon come to life." On the similarities between his character, Josh (a naive romantic on a quest for love), and himself "Maybe I'm not naive, but I'm definitely a romantic.

I'm a jaded old bastard, but I'm a feeler, not a thinker, I suppose.

Everyone knows that's the worst experience in the world, so we've taken that to an extreme extent, which is me having a drink with an actual troll.

Later, I go to a party where I see my ex and her new boyfriend, and it's a 150-year-old Adolf Hitler in a wheelchair.

, a quirky new American sitcom that premiered this week on FXX Canada.

We spoke to Baruchel about the project, based on a book of short stories by comedy wunderkind Simon Rich.

I mean, listen, all of the characters, regardless of their gender, are pretty interesting and well-defined.I mean, [the show is produced by] Broadway Video and Lorne Michaels – he knows better than anyone.So, Mark Mc Kinney plays my step-dad, and the show will employ a bunch of Toronto people for 10 episodes.Josh does what any well-adjusted person does in the wake of such a trauma: get advice from your deranged best friend (Eric Andre) and out-of-touch sister (Britt Lower).MAN SEEKING WOMAN takes an eccentric approach to the sit-com that’s devoted to the emotional effects of being a rejected, lonely and single in today’s dating climate.I have watched the first season three times, and every minute was worth spending!The actors are amazing, I really love the faces of every on of them, the ideas are very funny and the way of presenting the oldest problem of life is so refreshing (as I heard many people say about the show before me).Fully describing FXX’s new comedy MAN SEEKING WOMAN isn’t going to be an easy task.Partly it’s a surface level comedy about everyman Josh Greenberg (Jay Baruchel) after he’s dumped by his (now) ex-girlfriend. Jay Baruchel (This Is the End, How to Train Your Dragon) plays sad, sappy, love-lorn hero, Josh -- a man who's suffered more than his share of Cupid inflicted-wounds. Man Seeking Woman, a sitcom from the colourful mind of Simon Rich, takes exaggeration seriously to explore the absurdities of modern dating.

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