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It would have been interesting if we had been left something that would illustrate the physical attributes of the Lord.

Throughout the centuries, there has been much discussion on the subject.

When Joseph of Arimathea requested his body for burial, Pilate was surprised to discover that Jesus had died so quickly.

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We call a tool or instrument good, if it serves the purpose for which it is intended.However, the message is so clear and precise that his words are irresistible to all those who listen.- Father James Farfaglia Copyright 2018 Catholic Online.The long hours spent at hard work in the carpenter shop had prepared him well for the grueling task of his public ministry.He walked many miles under the blazing Middle Eastern sun in order to preach the Kingdom of God.Amazingly, in him the supernatural and the natural were interwoven. No mysterious beams of light, flashes of lightning, or peals of thunder occurred as he performed his miracles.Instead, it was enough for him to touch, or be touched.Jesus did not display his divinity in the manner of the mythical figures of Greek and Roman literature.He did not fly from place to place as though he were some sort of superman.That is to say, it is good because it is an efficient means to obtain a desired result.The result, in turn, may be desired for itself, or it may be sought as a means to some ulterior end.

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