Lorenzo and sadie dating

"When Dan asked Jennifer about what she was going to do about Lorenzo, she told him point blank that she doesn't have any romantic feelings for him at all and has absolutely no intention of following through with their plans to start a future together." When reached by the Enquirer, Herrero denied that he's seeing Wilson and insists that the pair are only "good friends." Wilson didn't respond to the tabloid's requests for comment. Gossip is reporting that Lorenzo is now with Sadie Murray, the sweet, wonderful, virginal San Diego native he shunned for Jennifer.

However, three days later, photographers reportedly captured the pair frolicking on the beach together. We have found no evidence to corroborate this, however.

reports that the two attended two recent society events together, including the high-profile Save Venice ball where a witness described them as "inseparable." (See the pics below -- they do look pretty cuddly.) While that's not proof the two are dating, the pair would be a socialite match made in heaven.

Beyond both being ridiculously good-looking, Tinsley has reality TV experience from her short-lived show "High Society," plus she is actively courting the press to hop back onto the public's radar. Mortimer, 35, has quietly enlisted agents, a manager and a publicist to advise her on her career, shore up her image and engineer her comeback.

I did hear who got eliminated at the final four rose ceremony last Thursday, and you’ll find that out when I give you your final four breakdown.

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Sadie is high energy, funny, and has stories for days. So much so that the Final 10 lasted over 45 minutes because we ended up going off on so many tangents.

If these developments are true, that leaves 0-for-9 on the marriage front. If this rumor is true, and anyone can verify it, our staff urges you to come forward with your source so that we may verify this exclusive!

Two weeks ago we spoke to Prince Lorenzo, and today we get the girl he dumped at the altar (but later dated), Sadie Murray.

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