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Mr Kurd has described how he found himself thrown metres away and was trapped in rubble.After managing to haul himself free he shouted out for his colleague, who had only started working at the shop on Friday.Her passing comes one month before her father is set to be retried on rape charges in Pennsylvania this April.This is the second child Cosby has lost, with son Ennis having been murdered in 1997 during a botched carjacking in Los Angeles.He said he fears she has died as he has not seen or heard from her since. This morning it emerged that four had died and the death toll rose to five this afternoon.Police and fire chiefs revealed they are still searching for 'missing' people, who remain unaccounted for, and may still be trapped in the building.Ellie May's computer records stated she was in danger of having a life-threatening asthma attack and had been previously admitted to intensive care.

The grocery store and the two-storey flat above it was demolished after the mysterious blast at 7.20pm last night sparked a huge blaze (pictured), with flames shooting up to 50ft into the air (bottom right).An ambulance was called but doctors could not save her.A teacher tried to murder his new wife with a machete after becoming jealous about her arranged sex sessions with another man, Cardiff Crown Court heard today.The family made headlines in 2014 after they took him out of hospital against doctors' wishes in an effort to get him to Prague for special proton beam therapy to tackle his cancer.They were arrested in Spain where they took him for an MRI scan, but were eventually given court approval for the treatment in the Czech Republic, which appears to have been successful.Every letter is a gift from you to a woman going through a difficult time. All it takes is a little of your time and the cost of a postage stamp to help a woman newly diagnosed with breast cancer.Won’t you This beautiful collection of handwritten letters offers strength, encouragement, and comfort to women living with breast cancer.David Wing, 55, had only been married for a year when wife Yvonne, 45, started having sex with the son of their landlady.The court heard the relationship with lover 'Don' was at first permitted by her new husband.These heartfelt letters were gathered by Girls Love Mail as a gift for your loved ones.The owner of a shop has revealed his miracle escape from the huge explosion which claimed the lives of five people including a young boy.

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  1. In fact, he entirely avoids being in the frame with you during a selfie break. Of course, you will never go out with a married guy! Besides, going out with an already taken man *not to mention if he’s already married* is like inviting trouble.