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We train our psyche to “own” those cut-off pieces of ourselves that we’d rather tuck away in a back closet.

Instead of slapping a smile on and sitting in blissful (strained) silence, we learn to proudly integrate all the good, bad and ugly parts of who we are.

We are encouraged to “meditate our way out of” difficult emotions or habits.

Learn how to find bonuses and contribute to the site here.About the Author: Ashley Turner Ashley is an innovator in personal development bridging yoga, psychology and neuroscience.She is an acclaimed yoga–meditation instructor, registered Marriage Family Psychotherapy Intern, writer and Ordained Priestess.Give yourself permission to process emotions freely.You may notice that it gets harder before it gets easier.The quickest way to see your shadow is to notice what qualities you tend to criticize or gossip about in other people.Look carefully as these aren’t necessarily “bad” qualities, but often masquerade as traits that society applauds such as the tendency to overachieve, project positivity or be a “Supermom.”While my client exuded an outer confidence and success, inwardly she was ashamed and confused by her finances. To bolster her wavering confidence, she criticized friends and colleagues for being materialistic and shallow.Moving forward is important, but we also need to honor the beauty of our darkness and not pathologize the troubling aspects of Self that may be holding us back.Taking the time to recognize the beauty of darkness allows for integration and reconciliation.If you resist writing such a strong letter to someone you love (your lover, parent or child), know that this is only one voice of your psyche, not the In yoga and Buddhism, this is known as karuna or compassion and is the foundation of self love and freedom. Breathe deeply into the sides of your heart to expand.Consider how such unsavory traits were necessary in the past as a coping or defensive mechanism. Only when my client released her perfectionism and forgave herself could she turn her full attention to cleaning up her financial house. She got honest with her boyfriend about her credit card debt and quit feeling like a fraud.

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