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Indeed, you may not even be quite sure about what an option is and how it works. An option is a type of security that gives a person the right to buy a share of a company’s stock at a specified price.

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After all, when options are used as a method of compensation, the prospective employee is going to be thinking about getting the options and working for a smaller cash salary than he otherwise would.

He has to weigh the quantity of options he is getting and the exercise price, against the current price of the company’s stock and its likely future price—as he sees it.

If the company offered him a million options, vesting immediately—but their exercise price was 1000 dollars over the current stock price— he would say, “Forget it.

He also regularly represents financial sponsors and companies, directors, and officers in securities class actions, deal litigation, contractual and indemnification disputes, and shareholder demands, as well as whistleblower, tax, and employment matters.

Matt has significant experience in all phases of litigation, including trial.

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