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* The “hammock” name refers to the simple method of suspending a sleeping net or cloth (i.e. When first described in hand-drawn activity-on-arrow (AOA) network diagrams, the time-summarizing activity took the shape of a simple curved line slung between two nodes – i.e. Primavera scheduling tools have long provided explicit activity types for specifying hammock or LOE activities.

Primavera Project Planner (P3) and Primavera Sure Trak Project Manager, for example, both included specific hammock activity types that would be specially treated in the schedule calculations.

In general, the number of activities being summarized by the hammocks (or LOEs in P6) are not practically limited. Constraint Type = 0 End If Else Msg Box ("There must be 1 or 2 predecessors for this hammock activity.

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The resulting “links” – based on common Windows OLE (object linking and embedding) technology rather than explicit logical schedule relationships – remain essentially hidden and cannot be easily described or audited in an MSP schedule. Number 0 Then Msg Box ("Failed to update Hammock (Check predecessors): " & t.

This macro/vba code comprises a single subroutine and a custom function that should be pasted together into a single module in Visual Basic for Applications.

The “Update Hammocks” macro may then be assigned to a “hotkey” or ribbon command as appropriate.

Most other major project scheduling tools also have special-purpose hammock task types.

For example, Phoenix Project Manager, Spider Project, and Deltek Open Plan all provide traditional hammock activity types, whose start and finish are defined by specific logical relationships.

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