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Knowing full well that no amount of logic will change the other parties mind, once I make my point I find calling them a big bag of floppy dicks with the consistency of runny eggs wrapped in tinfoil left to bake in the sun usually releases any built up rage within me.

But that’s just me and my therapy…Look guys, we get it.

about what i am expeiencing.....i don't feel like to talk too much about myself here but to my girls only.

This site can be better if more free service to use,more photos to post on prorfile.

I consider myself a strongly opinionated person, stubborn as hell — and my parents will testify, as they frequently use my penchant for arguing as a way to push me towards law school — but somehow I was caving to my then-boyfriend’s every whim.

And then a couple more times, and I respond equally as excitedly until I realize we disagree on every fundamental aspect in life and definitely were not meant to be.

Unwilling to sacrifice any more time to something so destined to prove unsatisfactory for the both of us, I politely let him know that I do not see anything coming of this, but wish him the best of luck. I’m in the flow of it — and I respond to messages that peak my interest within reasonable time limits.

Occasionally I will respond to the generic message boys, but experience has made me wise to the fact those who send generic messages can rarely carry a conversation, and it is a waste of my time to engage in such pointless drivel.

Feeling pretty good, I narrow down potential interests and get ready to ask them out.9.

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