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Do these individuals from šwt exemplify biblical “patriarchal” types, “typical” southern Levantine peoples, such as Canaanites, Bedouin, West Semites or Amorites, biblical “Kenites,” or even, both anachronistically and improbably, Hyksos, the Asiatic conquerors of Egypt? In more general terms, the individuals are frequently described as nomads, wanderers, or transhumants, assumptions that draw uncritically on biblical descriptions.These assumptions, however, ignore the fact that, by definition, travel is a basic requirement in order for a group of non-Egyptians to arrive in Egypt.If the painting depicts a unique event then it can hardly be understood as representative of relations between entire societies throughout whole eras.

The accompanying text, however, notes the total number of individuals as 37.2400-2000 BCE) through the Middle Bronze Age in the southern Levant (ca.2000-1550 BCE), and the Middle Kingdom and Second Intermediate Period in Egypt (roughly2000-1550 BCE).Based on the weaponry, the instruments, and most particularly, the so-called “bellows,” the group has been identified as musicians, metalsmiths, traders, and miners, usually with the modifier “itinerant” added in front.Likewise, these occupations have then been extended to represent the entire culture of the (presumed) region and time period, ranging anywhere from the Intermediate Bronze Age (ca.The painting appears repeatedly in textbooks, scholarly articles, and popular discussions, in reference to a host of ideas, time periods, traditions, and perspectives.Many assertions about this image are made without considering whether they can actually be derived from the painting, or whether they can, in fact, be substantiated at all.All content provided on this blog is for informational purposes only.The American Schools of Oriental Research (ASOR) makes no representations as to the accuracy or completeness of any information on this blog or found by following any link on this blog.The scene also depicts several animals—two donkeys, an ibex, and a gazelle.The donkeys carry various bundles and other items, including a spear and two objects that have often been (mis)-identified as bellows associated with metalworking.

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