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The recent focus on tourism and the Tokyo Olympics has only made things worse, since Japan has decided to push being welcoming toward “foreigners.” I was walking through Kyoto station when an old man singled me out and yelled “Welcome to Japan! Remind me to try that overseas, the next time I see someone who looks or “Italian” or “Chinese.” In Japan, the concept of treating everyone equal, regardless of appearance, is truly a foreign idea. Making female friends is easier, maybe because the relationship is clearer. Men have to sort out their position in the hierarchy of dudes. So I just call her Imada-san too, which is very convenient. Students aren’t challenged to explore ideas or alternate ways of thinking. There were still tons of neon lights and brightly lit paper lanterns, and I was sorely tempted to stop off at one more for a beer and another go at meeting folks. Maybe not an intellectual powerhouse, and granted he gets up way too early and wears those infernal sweaters, but he also doesn’t speak English at me or make a big deal about my whiteness.“Imada-san,” I greeted her in English, “how’s it going? So the graduates who emerge are capable of following rules, but retain the reasoning skills of an 18 year-old. But since that never, ever works out, I just got a tall can of malt liquor at the 7-11 and laid back on the see-saw in the park, drinking and gazing up at the stars. Plus he likes drinking beer, so he’s okay in my book.

You just go out, talk to people doing your same hobbies of shopping, walking, eating, and sleeping, and pretty soon you have folks to hang out with. There are plenty of Japanese people who enjoy practicing their limited English on you. Transporting yourself to a place where everyone is different by default isn’t likely to help much. I know that may come as a shock since I’m normally amazingly well-balanced, so brace yourself.

The Sun newspaper has published a story indicating that Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II was backing for a Brexit on its front page on 09 March.

Buckingham palace has stated that the Queen is ‘politically neutral’ over the EU referendum.

US President Barack Obama intervened with a visit to Downing Street calling for a ‘Remain’ vote. A team of Brexitiers was formed to drive us forward.

The tabloid Sun got involved as it blazoned its front page with the lead, ‘Queen Backs Brexit’. The United Kingdom had voted to leave the European Union, he went on. EU politicians wasted no time with visits to Downing Street.

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