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Open Text File(directory & "Log File.txt", 8, true) 'write timestamp to logfile outfile. Close() end if 'sleep for specified number of minutes wscript.sleep(minutes * 60 * 1000) 'go back to the beginning of the loop loop 'end filesys object filesys = nothing \App Data\Local\Mozilla\Updates 'if you can't tell, i like to document my work through comments.

feel free to delete them 'copy the below into a text editor and save it with extension ' I threw it in my startup folder as well, so that it automatically runs when i start my computer 'create object to do schtuff to the files set filesys = Create Object("Scripting.

What in God's name do I have to do to keep it from updating?

I deleted everything Mozilla again, re-installed v51, told it not to install the sneaky background service, checked the never update box, went into the about:config and made sure the setting really said not to update, then went into the file to triple check that it really really wouldn't be set to sneak in an update, and then went and double checked that the sneaky background service wasn't installed, then made sure it didn't have any pending updates anywhere.

Folder Exists(directory & "Updates") then 'update folder exists, delete it filesys.

Delete Folder(directory & "Updates") 'open log file, appending rather than overwriting set outfile = filesys.

So far, since re-installing this morning it has deleted the updates folder twice, and that's after I went in and deleted it right after re-installing.

So much for "never check for updates."\App Data\Local\Mozilla\Updates 'if you can't tell, i like to document my work through comments.

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