Peer guardian 2 not updating

Peer Guardian Linux: ------------------- Actively developed. However the team is very small and with few spare time. See file releases and the code in the git repository. The last publicly released source (1.5.1) is available as file download here and in the git repository.Peerguardian OS X: ------------------ Not developed anymore. You'll find the last beta releases (up to 1.7b1) from the OS X forum of the old (2011) as downloads here.In order to alleviate this problem, it was best to test one particular IP range.Conveniently enough, the first range started with 116.The Level1 IP blacklist, which is supposed to block all known anti-p2p IPs, was retrieved on September 30, 2007.The idea behind getting these lists now is to offer ample time for Media Defender's now public IPs to be added to the lists for a much more effective blocklist for Peer Guardian users.A request for comment or information on the matter to Blue Tack's team went unanswered. Some say that the blocklists allow users to simply block any anti-filesharing company and allow users to connect with non-industry IPs.

New contributors and/or collaboration with are welcome!Obviously, Blue Tack did block all IPs that started with 116, but how many Media Defender IPs were successfully blocked?When Slyck investigated, there was a common theme that blocklists seemingly jumped over several ranges used by Media Defender.By inducing and then reinforcing paranoia, PG2 does more harm to torrenting than the RIAA, the MPAA and the FBI combined.I've said it before - if PG2 didn't exist, the MPAA would have invented it. It's highly recommended to use Peer Block instead, which is a continuation of Peer Guardian's development in Windows, with bug fixes and support for Windows Vista and Windows 7.Peer Guardian is a privacy oriented firewall application.Slyck then obtained a copy of the publicly available 14.3MB compressed text file which lists all of the Media Defender's IP addresses.At this point, it became obvious that testing such a large volume of IPs would prove to be an overly time-consuming challenge, at least by hand.Slyck then decided to test all of the IPs that started with the number 116.The total number of IPs used by Media Defender starting with 116 was 1,474.

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