Phuket girls dating

One of the main reasons for this is that the best nightclubs in town are located on Bangla Road or nearby, close to all of the Go Go’s and prostitutes.That means the tourists and hookers are all going to be partying together.You will want to stay on the southwest part of the island as close to Patong Beach as possible.That is definitely the most visited beach, but there are other cool ones around like Freedom Beach, Bang Tao Beach, and Laem Sign Beach.Picking up girls at the beach isn’t always the easiest thing, but at least you can perv on some sexy bikinis while you make the rounds.

Patong Beach is the most touristy and will be a good starting point, but the others should have some sexy ladies as well.

Most of the local Phuket girls who were born here are going to be very religious.

They are not likely to be out after dark dancing in a sexy dress anywhere near Bangla Road.

Expect to mostly meet foreign tourists as the cover charges are going to be above most local Thai’s pay grade.

Don’t be surprised if many of the women are coupled up already.

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