Quotes about friends dating your ex boyfriend

The movie was alright, a bit gritty, raw, and depressing, but not all that appealing.

All I really got from the movie is: if you land a boyfriend that is addicted to drugs, LEAVE HIM!!!

Focus on what you can do to become a better person without your ex by your side.

If there was a special place you went together, you had a special song or anything else that will trigger happier moments, AVOID it.

This is one of the most important steps in trying to erase those memories of your ex.

Photos, gifts and other mementos are reminders of the time you spent as a couple.

After my recent break up, I had a hard time trying to forget my ex (perhaps, you are also having a tough time trying to forget your ex).

Initially, it was difficult even to just wake up and roll out of bed in the morning.

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It will prolong your efforts to forget your ex and may cause you to regret the breakup. I understand that there is a limit to which you can change your surroundings.

Here are some of the important things that you must bear in mind to be able to forget your ex and move on easily.

You will never be able to move on after a break up if you still cling to the possibility of getting back with your ex.

I see thriller and Heather Graham's name and think, "she's cool, let me read on." Then I read something that seals the deal: "this movie is like Identity..." OK, now that's the ticket, I loved the movie Identity with John Cusack. I'm still trying to link the two movies together.

This was nothing like "Identity" besides the ONE scene in which she saw different versions of herself.

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