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" **Why do you think it is stupid to ASTOUNDING SCIENCE-FICTION go to windows intend of to doors ?" "Because you advertise what you're trying to hide, silly.If 1 have a secret, I don't put tape over mi- llionth and let everyone know I have [i .secret.I talk just as much as usual, only about something else.It's the Second Foun- dation, that's what it is." There was a silence.Even Ar- cadia -felt a little nervous stirring in her abdomen, Dr, Darell said, softly : "Where have you heard this? and now yoti don't, by Isaac Asitnov * 5 (Part One of Three Parts) GULF, by Kobcrt A, ijzlnfcin . She tried putting her fingers to the outer corners of her eye and tilt- ing the lids a bit to get that mys- terious exotic languor of the women of the inner star systems, but her hands were in the way and she couldn't sec her face very well.

The young lady was going to accuse me of all sorts of Ihmgs, and \ must insist that you read it, if only to clear «iy name." "Gh— ,? And now her father would lie making long, gentle speeches about what young ladies aren't supposed to do.Those who think so have no evidence to back their daini t but merely vague fears and .superstitions.I think that our confidence in our- selves, in our nation, and in Hari Seldon's great Plan should drive from our hearts and minds all un- certainties and (Hm-m-m. Ml, OFF NOVEMBER 1949 25 CENTS Stt-ft OHTHS SUBSCRIPT"* TO MR ™ Ml SI Hart 1 » » » _ vi B «,n i«n«- 1ho very *«• Si Ow 1 "*** ™ every m°fifrl AIR TRAILS P. It was possible for them to realize that, left to it- self the Empire would break up, and that thereafter there would be . AND NOW YOU DON'T 7 at least thirty thousand years of anarchic eliaos prior to the estab- lishment of a new Empire. He re a my □ check □ money aider (Indicate which Oft*) for SI -00 for a special a Lx month liial subsnip- i Lon tc Air Trails* J I^O^IS i i rr f PFM - *«k iuiii JJJ uju hikin ^^^^DBflf . Oh, well, the machine couldn't very well be wrong—) he and the men who worked with him were able to foretell the course of the great social and economic currents sweeping the Galaxy at the time. We are completing the fourth cen- tury of that millennium, and many generations of men have lived and died while the Plan has continued its inexorable workings. "ft was too late to prevent the groat Fall, hut it was still possible, at least, to cut short the intermedi- ate period of chaos r The Plan was, therefore, evolved whereby only a single millennium would separate the: Second Km pi re from the First.Didn't you ever read any of the sayings of Salvor Hardin?He was our first A1 ay or, yon know." "Yes, I know/* "Wcll t he used' la say that only a lie that wasn't ashamed of itself could possibly succeed." "Nowheres, hut what else is there to be so secret ahout r And you don't have to worry that I'll tell anyone/* "Mr. Darell, "I must apologise for all this." "Oh, that h s all right/' came Au- thor's rather hollow response.^It*s not your fault if she's sold herself to the forces of darkness, But do you mind if I ask her a question be- fore we go, Afiss Arcadia—" "What do you want ?

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