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Hi all, I'm slowly working my way out of noob territory with my Cent OS VPS at hand :) At the moment I'm playing around with Squid and SARG, and all is going well.

However, I have a question in regards to Squid's log file rotation.

When adding a virtual server with the 'Listen on address' option selected, an un-needed Listen directive can be created that causes Apache to fail to start with an error message like 'could not bind to address'When using the 'Webmin default' authentication program, incorrect permissions cause it not to run properly and thus all authentication attempts to fail.

After installing this update, you will need to re-save the 'Authentication Programs' page to have the correct permissions set. directory is selected in the right-hand pane and a button on the top toolbar is clicked, a Java applet error is thrown which prevents the button from working and causes it to appear 'stuck' down.

I know I could -force the logrotate job to run or set a size limit for the file, however, neither of these two options would play nicely with SARG's monthly reports.

SARG: Line="31/12/1969 10044" SARG: Record=" 24609 -0500 """ SARG: searching for 'x9' SARG: getword backtrace: SARG: 1:sarg() [0x804e1fc] SARG: 2:sarg() [0x804e3f9] SARG: 3:sarg() [0x8055bca] SARG: 4:sarg() [0x805372a] SARG: 5:/lib/i686/cmov/6(__libc_start_main 0xe6) [0xb758aca6] SARG: There is a broken record or garbage in file /tmp/sarg/Nothing gets populated in the /var/www/sarg folder? Second, is squid outputting the log in the logformat layout? It could explain the time issue if it's not formatted properly. If necessary, make it write to a file named differently than

When modifying and deleting multiple users from a batch file, it is possible for the wrong user to be modified or deleted.

This bug also prevents the deletion of a 'personal' group when deleting a user.

When applying changes, an error message like 'Cannot load /etc/httpd/modules/mod_into server' is displayed.

Complex procmail recipe files (such as the one used by Spam Assassin) cannot be parsed by Webmin, resulting in an 'Unknown line' error message.

This update also turns off the diaplay of receipes in include files by default.

Also fixes a problem with new versions of DBD:: Pg, in which the module's main page appears empty.

When deleting a large number of virtual_map entries (such as when Virtualmin deletes a domain), the wrong ones will be removed.

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