Sedating a shark in thye wild

Along with our scientific partners at Shark Defense, our team put on our Sharkbanz and jumped in with the sharks to show the technology truly "in-action".

Although we wanted to show people just how much we believed in the effectiveness of the product, A compilation of our testing sessions with the Modom Shark Leash (featuring Sharkbanz Technology) against Bull Sharks in addition to various other shark species such as Blacktip and Caribbean Reef Sharks.

These unprovoked “hit and run” attacks are the most common type of shark bite, and Sharkbanz are an excellent defense against them.Using our test dummy, Bernie, we wanted to put our technology to the test in a simulated surf scenario.Even with bait in Bernie's leg, there were never any bites while using Sharkbanz. Our first filmed testing and open-water demonstration.So, how do sharks sleep or rest while still swimming? "There's no particular indication that sharks sleep like humans do, that is, they don't find a place to lay down, close their eyes and check out for periods of time.They reduce their activity level, but it doesn't mean they stop doing their normal activities" Instead of sleeping the way we do, many types of sharks do something called yoyo swimming, according to Burgess When a shark is yoyo swimming, he stops actually swimming and just starts gliding downwards.He was attracted to the bait in our dummy's (Bernie) leg meant for the Bulls and came in for an evening snack.Luckily for Bernie, he was wearing his Sharkbanz and the shark reacted noticeably with a distinct avoidance reaction (twice) before swimming off to find a meal elsewhere.Since the shark is tuned to be looking for very weak electromagnetic signals from its prey (heartbeats, muscle movements), this organ is highly sensitive.When encountered in the wild, the Sharkbanz field is exponentially greater than anything the animal will have experienced before and highly unpleasant. The ability of sharks and rays to detect weak electrical signals in their surroundings may be one of the greatest factors relating to their survival through the millennia.The Dutch man emphasizes that this was a series of unfortunate events, that is no one's fault, including the shark itself. "These friendly sharks are, like basically all sharks, harmless to humans. One of the sharks made a mistake and took a big bite out of my right arm." The bite did not do any permanent damage, no vital nerves or muscles were hit."I can move my hand, fingers and arm normally." "I've been working with wild animals for many years and that of course entails great risks, they are still wild animals after all. He emphasizes that the bite was an "unfortunate combination of circumstances" that no one could do anything about.

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